Versago was the 5th state in the Angel's Republic. Its capital, Ridgecrest, sits in the desert in the southern part of the state. The state is best known for owning a sizable portion of the fertile Central Valley, its trading hubs in Ridgecrest and Bakersfield, the mountains, and its corrupt state government.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

Versago was spawned by the town of Ridgecrest, a small farming community in the middle of the desert in California. A man named George Smith led the town from the end of the Great War until his death in 1974. His friend, Peter Calvert, would succeed him as mayor of the town. But Calvert wanted to expand, and assert control over the lands around Ridgecrest.

Versago Republic Edit

In 1975, after making deals with the locals of nearby communities, and asserting dominance over them, Peter Calvert established the Versago Republic. Despite being called a republic, Calvert was never elected out of his office in the duration of the Republic, and it operated more like a dictatorship. To the north, a large gang controlled the highway, and a true republic existed in the mountains; the Yosemite Republic. To the west was the expansive Central Valley, and the Tilden Republic, which similarly operated more as a dictatorship. Calvert began to expand into the Central Valley, evoking a response from Tilden. The two fought for control over each settlement in the valley. Concurrent to this conflict with Tilden, Calvert destroyed the raiders and Yosemite Republic to the north.

Angels Republic Edit

Versago, by permission of Peter Calvert I, was among the first five states of the Angels Republic starting in 1981. The state grew a reputation for being extremely corrupt, and being under nearly complete control of the Calvert Family, which had its members in powerful corporations as well as the Versago state government. Many in the northern part of the state wanted to separate from the rest of the state, as they were victims of Peter Calvert's violent takeover of the peaceful Yosemite Republic (these same separatists would advocate for secession from the Angels Republic entirely, during the Californian Civil War).

From this state was born the infamous 12th President of the Angels Republic, Adrian Calvert. The Calvert Family was on a sharp decline in popularity in the state beginning in the years following the coup that removed Adrian in 2054. A mob assaulted Calvert Manor in Ridgecrest in 2062, shortly after the beginning of the Californian Civil War, and killed most of the Calverts. While many in the northern part of the state supported the rebellion, the majority of the state remained loyal to the Angels Republic.