Early Life Edit

Thomas Wilson was born on November 10, 1940 in Petersburg, Virginia. This is where he would spend his early years.

Military Service Edit

Wilson joined the US Army in 1960. He would later be assigned to the 101st Airborne Division as infantry. His unit ended up being deployed for the invasion of communist Cuba in October, 1962. Once he had learned that the Cubans had seized control of the nuclear arsenal in the country and was preparing to launch them, he and some others boarded a helicopter as he flew.

As radiation poisoning got to Wilson, he crashed the helicopter near his hometown in Virginia. He was the only survivor. He wandered into Petersburg in search of his wife and son. He found their remains in the blasted ruins of his home. The heat he walked into when he entered the city scarred him physically for the rest of his life. He eventually found shelter in a hospital.

Post-war Life Edit

Wilson spent the first few years after the war in a hospital in Petersburg, Virginia, but by 1967 became a wanderer of the wasteland. He learned quickly how to survive in the wasteland, and eventually made it to Boston, Massachusetts in 1968, where he would join Gnash's Gang.