The Locatelli Family is a crime family based in Las Vegas. The Locatellis are partly responsible for returning Vegas to its former glory, along with the Thompson Family and Delacroix Family. In 1990, the three families got together to rebuild the city. Friendly competition between the families lasted until 2008, when the head of the Locatellis killed a member of the Thompson Family. Tensions rose, and while the major powers in the region were focused fighting in the Second Californian War, the Locatellis waged war against the other families and seized absolute power in the city in 2020. Their power would dwindle after the Angels Republic's annexation of Vegas in 2030, and even more so when Adrian Calvert came to power in the AR in 2046, as he cracked down on the family. After the coup that removed Calvert in 2057, however, the family prospered once again as the Republic was weakened.

Founded by Edward Locatelli, Sr.