Fenway City is a settlement located in the ruins of Fenway Park.

History Edit

Tunnels Edit

The original settlers of Fenway City were survivors who took shelter during the Great War in the subway tunnels beneath Fenway. Police officers who took shelter in these tunnels found themselves in a position of power, being the only ones in the tunnels with guns, and eventually become abusive of this power. In 1969, the people of the tunnels revolted and went to the surface. They almost immediately found shelter in the ruins of Fenway Park, which would protect them from dust storms, hostile mutants, and other threats from the wasteland.

Growth Edit

The former masters of the settlers would become the troublesome raider gang, the Fenforcers. Fenway City was eventually forced to establish a City Council and an office of Mayor, in order to deal with the problem. The new government promised safety for the people living in the city, which caused many wastelanders to settle there.