The Cascadian War was a war fought between the Angels Republic and Cascadia from 2029-2034.

Michael Calvert, the second president of the Angels Republic, set an ambitious goal for his administration and for the Angels Republic: to unite the entire former state of California under control of the Angels Republic. After his administration, however, this idea was mostly abandoned as leaders turned their eyes towards Nevada instead. Once everything worth taking in Nevada was taken, many wondered what was next.

Governor of Riverland John Castello successfully ran for the presidency in 2028. From the beginning of his campaign, he made it clear he would set his eyes on the one bit of northern California not controlled by the Angels Republic, but by Cascadia. Cascadia had some supporters for the Angels Republic, and some who loathed the Republic, at the time. The two nations had had some border issues for years. A few months after Castello's inauguration in 2029, he asked for a declaration of war by Congress. After some years of fighting, Castello achieved a treaty that would give the Republic the land he wanted.